This bundle features 2x Canadian flags and 1x Saskatchewan flag.

Canada Flag Bundle - Saskatchewan

  • $85.18

Save money when you buy one of our pre-selected bundles of Canadian flags!̴Ì_

This bundle features 2x Canadian flags and 1x̴Ì_Saskatchewan flag.

All three flags are the same size (27"x 54", 36"x 72", 45"x 90")̴Ì_with standard finishing: white canvas header with two brass grommets.

Without question, DuraKnit ̴Ì_flags are Flags Unlimited's best selling flags.̴Ì_They are the perfect choice for outdoors or indoors. DuraKnit ̴Ì_is a knit polyester that provides great durability at an economical price.

Flags are:

  • Ideal for daily outdoor flying.
  • Good in high wind conditions and Canadian Climate.
  • UV resistant dyes penetrate fabric for longer lasting colour.
  • Fabric resists fraying so in case of damage, it can be easily trimmed.

What size of flag should you buy? The recommended length of the flag you fly should be approximately one third of the height of the pole you intend to fly it from.