FAQs on the Canadian Flag

We offer Canadian flags in many sizes and for a variety of purposes;

  • small desk flags or boat flags
  • medium flags for residential use
  • large flags for commercial flagpoles
  • giant flags for events
We have four distinct lines of Canadian Flags.
DuraKnit Series
Heritage Collection
Appliqué Series
Giant Appliqué Series
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What is the best Canada Flag for your location?

If you are looking for an everyday flag to fly, the DuraKnit Series Canada Flag is the best combination of quality and value. This flag is screen printed on knit polyester. The DuraKnit Series ranges in size from 9'x 18" to 72"x 144". ($$)

If you are looking for a flag to fly at a location with heavy wind or severe weather, we recommend the Heritage Collection Canada Flag. This flag is printed on a spun polyester which is ideal for windy locations. The Heritage Collection is available in two sizes; 27"x 54" and 36"x 72". ($$)

If you are looking at taking patriotism to the next level… our Appliqué Series might be your best option. This flag is hand-made and designed for high-impact with our customers.

  • The Appliqué Series is created with nylon bunting that has been dyed to maintain superior colour. Sizes range from 9"x 18" to 54"x 108". ($$$)
  • The Giant Appliqué Series is made from a heavy-duty polyester that provides superior fade resistance. These massive flags range in size from 90"x 180" to 24"x 480". ($$$$)


How to Display your Canadian Flag

Here are the guidelines for displaying a Canadian Flag in Canada. These are as per the Heritage Canada guidelines, and they assume the viewer is looking from the front. You can also access a visual for these guidelines on our website.

  • No other flag should be flown higher than the Canadian flag.
  • No other flag should be flown on the same pole as the Canadian flag.
  • When three (3) flags are flown side by side, the Canadian flag should be positioned in the centre.
  • When two (2) or more National flags are flown side by side, the Canadian flags should be positioned on the left.
  • In procession, the Canadian flag should be seen to the left. 
  • In procession with more than two (2) flags, the Canadian flag should be carried front and centre.
  • When displayed on a pole behind a speaker platform, the flag should be on the right of the speaker.
  • Displayed on a wall, the Canadian flag should be straight and flat to the wall. Ideally, the flag would be finished to accommodate this display (i.e. no header).
  • When crossed with another flag on a pole, the Canadian flag should hang to the viewers left and the pole should be in front of any other pole.
  • If your flagpole is fitted with a yardarm and you are flying three (3) flags, the Canadian flag should be flown on the left position.
  • When displaying the Canadian flag vertically, the top point of the maple leaf should point left and the stem point right.

    How to Hang Your Flag Properly

    The Canadian flag should be flown with the point of the maple leaf pointing upwards and the stem pointing down. It is ideal to fly a Canada flag on it's own flag pole. However, if you are limited to one flagpole, it is acceptable to fly the Canadian flag on the same pole as another flag. As long as the Canadian flag is positioned above the other flag. 

    The Canadian flag should be treated with respect and dignity. We encourage everyone to proudly fly a Canada flag. Whether you’re throwing a Canada Day party, decorating your cottage, or displaying a porch flag at your home, you want your flag to be undamaged.


    How to Dispose of Your Canadian Flag

     A flag is considered to be in unsuitable condition if it is tattered, has faded significantly, has developed a hole, or the outermost seem has become frayed. When a Canadian flag is no longer suitable for use, it should be destroyed in a dignified manner.

    Disposal of such flags may be handled in the following manner:

    • Return flag(s) to participating retail stores who will dispose of them.
    • Flags made of natural fibres (wool, cotton, linen) should be burned in a dignified manner; privately without ceremony or public attention being drawn to the destruction of the material.
    • Flags made of synthetic materiel (nylon or polyester) should be respectfully torn into strips, with each element of the flag reduced to a single colour, so that the remaining pieces do not resemble a flag. The individual pieces should then be placed in a bag for disposal – the shreds of fabric should not be re-used or fashioned into anything. Flags Unlimited flags fall under this category.