Flag Care

Here are some basic tips on how to care for your Canadian Flag to help you maximize its longevity.

  • If you are flying your flag outdoors, make sure it has been designed for outdoor use.
  • Try not to expose your flag to freezing rain, heavy snow or abnormally high winds. We recommend bringing your flag inside during extreme weather.
  • If you are storing your flag, make sure it is completely dry before putting it away.
  • Do not place the flag where it can touch or whip against hard or rough surfaces like wire, brick, branches or cables. A small tear can quickly result in more extensive damage to the flag.
  • Inspect your flag regularly for signs of damage. The first and most common area for a flag to deteriorate is the fly end. If you purchased a Flags Unlimited DuraKnit III® series flag, the fly end can be trimmed off with scissors to extend the life of the flag.
  • Make sure the pole is free of heavy dirt, rust or corrosion. This could also damage your flag.