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• How long can I expect my flag to last?

You can expect your Flags Unlimited flag to last 3-6 months outdoors in normal weather conditions. Remember, regardless of how well flags are constructed, they will sooner or later succumb to the elements.

• You have so many Canadian Flags offered. How do I know which to buy?

We know, it can be overwhelming trying to decide which Canadian flag to buy when there are so many options. It all comes down to how, where and how often you plan to fly your flag. Give us a call if you can't decide. We will help you figure out which flag will best suit your needs. 1-800-565-4100.

• What size of flag should I buy?

It is a general rule of thumb that the length of your flag be one third (1/3) the height of your flagpole.

For example, if you have an 18' pole, a 27"x 54" flag is recommended. If you have a 20'-30' pole, a 36"x 72" flag is recommended.

• How do I get rid of my old Canadian Flag once my new one arrives?

In Canada, you should get rid of your old or worn Canadian flag in a dignified manner. 

Flags Unlimited also offers a flag recycling program. You can send your old or worn flags back to us, or if you're in our area you can stop by, and we will recycle your used flags for you.